I like the sound of you,

melodious, sweet and clear

it lifts me up like a swing

like a feather in the wind.

I can hear you in the rushing rivers

that flow back into the ocean.

you are found in the billowing waves of the sea,

as they surge and break on the shore.

I find you in the raindrops as they pour

down and caress the earth.

you ride with the rapids and it’s a sight to behold,

cascading and sending cool sprays.

you are in the mighty mountains

which look down on all creation.

you whisper with the wind

sending butterfly kisses to my cheeks.

you glide with the painter’s brush

as he strokes it on the canvass,

you flow with the music

in tune with the harper's touch.

I turn around and see you

in the smile of a little child,

and with the old couple

staring adoringly into each other’s eyes.

then I ponder,

how truly amazing you are,

with sorrows and cares cast away,

I wish for your presence everyday.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am drawn to nature so much I could cry.  The tranquility it offers soothes my soul.  

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Violet Carolina's picture

Very nice. i love your view of "couples", as it should be...

mizzscarlett's picture

Oh, wow! This was so beautiful!

The Hook's picture

Absolutely beautiful!!! Your imagery is just wonderful in this one, and your strength of faith is well expressed!!