The Dance.

Your gentle touch

Makes my insides quiver.

Our passion heightens

Causing the heat to rise.

Fingers laced

Bodies intertwined

My insides engulfing your manhood

As you thrust deeper.

Perspiration had drenched the sheets.

Our moans and groans of pleasure

Fill the air.

I thrust upward

Keeping in rhythm

You mouth covering mines

Kissing me deeply

Our saliva's mixed.

Your body over me and in me.

Increasing the tempo,

Going faster and faster.

That familiar tension building up,

Waiting to be released.

But we fight it,

Not wanting to end this sweet union.

I cry out,

Your name on my tongue.

I can't hold back any longer,

I let myself come,

My most private of part convulsing around you,

Making you lose control.

You release also,

Spilling your seed with in me,

Our juices combined.

You seed flowing, swimming to make a new life inside of me.

You kiss me again and whisper in my ear,

"I love you, my dear wife."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have no idea why I wrote this poem. I hate it.

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