There are a lot of things in this world that I have yet to grasp.

I don’t understand why people can hate.

Why people can discriminate.

After all of the trials and tribulations going on around the world.

We still try to break each other down.

We still berate each other and hate each other.

I know it sounds cheesy,

But can’t we all just get along?

I’m tired of the battles and the wars waging around the world.

What exactly are these people fighting for?




All of these things can be worked out without causing death and pain.

Sometimes I think that half the people in this world are insane!

Surely they must be.

To think that problems can be settle by suicide bombers.

What does that solve?

Nothing at all.

They end up killing themselves along with plenty of innocent people that have nothing to do with their cause.

Whether they are with them or against them.

All they end up doing is cutting these precious lives short and sending themselves to hell.

What is the point of that?

Holy wars,

I don’t understand.

We all worship god.

Does it really matter what we call him?

Does it really matter whether he was on this earth or not?

We’ll all find out the truth in the hereafter.

No one alive knows for sure.

So why argue and fight and cause death over this?

When will it all end?

When can man and women of every religion, race and creed

Stand side by side,

Hand in hand.

No worries.

No fighting.

And most importantly,

No death.

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