I don’t really understand why I let you in to begin with.

You were just another ordinary guy standing there.

Nothing special.

But you made yourself be seen.

You made yourself be heard.

You forced your way into my life and into my heart.

I wouldn’t say “I love you” for months because I didn’t.

When I finally thought I did you seemed happy.

Now I know you were just acting.

You never loved me like you pretended from the start.

Your only goal was to try and break my heart.

Well guess what.

You didn’t succeed.

You failed with me just like you failed at everything else.

I’m tired of the mind games.

I’m tired of your lies.

Don’t try to twist me and bend me to suit you.

It’s time for you to please me.

Get on your knees and beg for my forgiveness.

Beg on Gregory.

Beg all you want.

You’ve lost you chance to have a good woman.

I would have loved you forever,

Had you not betrayed me.

I would have given you everything,

Had you not tried to play me.

You could still be my man now,

Had you not tried to control me.

All those ultimatums you gave me.

Do you remember?

“If you leave here mad, then you better not come back”

Trust me sweety,

You won’t be seeing my face at your door.

Not anytime in this century.

Because you are unworthy.

My eyes have been opened.

I can see clearly all the childish games you play.

I told you from the beginning I don’t play games.

I told you from the beginning I wanted a man.

I thought you understood that.

I though you were what I wanted.

Instead I find that you only lied to get your way.

Well now it’s come back to bite you on your black ass.

Don’t you wish you were man enough for me?!

Don’t you wish that I really was your wife?!

Don’t you wish I could be the mother to you children?!

Don’t you wish that you weren’t a fool?!

Even your family knew what a good thing you had.

They wanted me to marry you.

I don’t blame them.

I was good to you and they knew that.

They also knew that you were unworthy of me.

Don’t believe me?

Ask you cousin Patrick.

He told me one day you would become a real man and treat me like the woman that I am.

After I first let you go,

I don’t know why I took you back.

My sister and her persistence,

Made me believe that I still loved you.

In truth I never loved you.

I cared strongly yes,

But looking back I see that it wasn’t love.

It was fear.

Fear of losing a nice loving family.

Something I never had.

Fear of breaking your heart.

I’ve come to realize that you don’t have a heart.

Because if you did,

You wouldn’t have tried to treat me like noting more than a cheap whore,

On my own birthday.

That was the last straw.

That is what made up my mind about letting you go.

And when I did,

I didn’t have any regrets.

No looking back.

I don’t need to see you anymore.

I don’t want to see you anymore.

I don’t long to hear your voice,

Or see you smile,

Or hear your laugh,

Or smell your cologne.

I am over you.

I am too through!

Move on.

Get over yourself.

You are not the shit.

You are not god’s gift to women.

You’re not even good in bed.

So how the hell could all of that have gone to your head?

I am over you.

The only feelings I might have reserved for you now,

Is hate,




And pity.

Get over yourself little boy.

Grow up and become a man.

Maybe then you will be able to hold on to a good woman!

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