I’ve given everything,

Only to loose it all.

I’ve stood up,

Only to fall.

I’ve loved,

Only to be hurt.

I’m so tired of things never going my way.

I wish I could have it all,

Even if just for one day.

My family together,

Laughing and getting along.

To have a lover worthy of me,

And that treats me fairly.

To be able to provide for myself and my family.

I wish I could have it all,

Or the pain of never knowing it will be taken away.

I want to be emotionless.

To never hurt,

To never cry,

To never wish that I would just die.

Even if it means to loose my laugh,

To loose my smile.

I’d give it up.

I don’t want to feel anymore.

I don’t want to die inside anymore.

I don’t want to cry a night anymore.

I’d give it all up.

Just be numb inside.

There’d be no more pain for me to hide.

No more fake smile on my face.

No pretending like everything is alright,

When all I want to do is scream,

Or run and hide.

I’d rather be emotionless,


Than adrift,

And lost in this life.

Take my pain, God,

Or take my life.

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Gem Ramirez's picture

Your poem was really amazing, I loved it. Thats what I feel like alot and I just wanted to tell you that it was great. Bye take care.

Gem Ramirez

bopez's picture

This was really good. I feel that way too. Keep writinggg cool stuff!