Can you see me?

As I walk in front of you?

Can you hear me?

These words that I whisper in your ear?

Do you feel me?

My tapping on your shoulder?

Am I not here?

Is this a dream?

What has happened to my body?

To my voice?

I feel lost.

No one knows me.

No one will acknowledge me.

Am I invisible?

Maybe it is not me.

Maybe I am imagining these people all around me.

Maybe that is the cause of their unresponsiveness.

Or maybe I am asleep.

Adrift in a vacant dream.

Where I can’t interact.

Can you not see the pain in my solitude?

Can you not hear the grief in my screams?

Can you not feel me pounding on your chest?

Why do you not acknowledge me?

Is it because I am invisible?

Or are you merely ignorant?

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