Tales and Fables

I lay in dark and dreaming sleep

While countless wars and ages passed

While men grew wise and foul again

And races grew and waned

The gates of Hel opened for me alone

I awoke in freezing rain


The great tree lies in ashes

Mankind weeps in darkness

Ragnarok's fire burns the horizon

Setting the worlds aflame

How great their sacrifice!

How great their sorrow

As Valhalla opens her gates

The wolf smells his prey

The world-serpent it's quarry

All worlds grow cold with fear


Sing the dirge for the gods!

The great gods of old

How far they have fallen

We are now lost

Light died in ink

Heroes fell in battle

Light the bier

Prepare the rites

Carve the runes

For the gods have fallen

And the world is at an end

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