Those Ships That Sail

We mourn for the ships that never sailed

For those who never left the shore

Also we are stunned by the phenomenon

That those who’ve gone shall not return


It’s better for those who do yet sail

To sink to a watery grave

Than to return to the cold, steely glare

Set against those men so brave


They wish, those ships; would get lost at sea

So that they wouldn’t return home

To face the hatred they’ve accrued

For saving the likes of me and you


You heartless bastards! You spoiled children!

What do you know of sacrifice?

Until the men whom you have scorned

Sail away to exchange their lives


Those sailors who have heard the call

Of God and greater need

Who are willing to go give their lives

For bigots like you and me


But go ahead, and live the same

It’s not like you to change your ways

For those who’ve died to comfort you

And save your life on their dying day


For you’re unworthy of their gift

Uncaring of their price

But would you ever change your ways

If you could see through their children’s eyes?


Their fathers, dead for a country who loathes them

Their mothers grieve but keep them alive

To one day see those little children

Grow up to give their lives


And the vicious cycle goes further on

And while the worthy die

The undeserving  dance on their graves


And yet we’ll continue to fight