Dark Lover

Light and Dark

Shadowed lover, grey and dark

All love lost within my heart

Hope as blackened as the sky

As our time comes quickly nigh


My eyes slowly bring you in

My whispers quiet, tempt to sin

The dark lover, in your mind

You're my puppet, you will find


Feelings that you've never felt

Deadly Eros makes you melt

Just like putty in my hand

In ways you don't understand


Drown within my love all night

Forget the day, deny the light

You'll be my queen until the end

As our bodies start to blend


Watch my smile, start your fire

I am built for your desire

I will bring you close, and then

You will never leave again


Darkened lover, as the night

Does his will by candlelight

But when the dusk melts to the day


Shadow lover goes away