Light and Dark

Oh you angel! So far to fall!

From lofty position in God's hall

Betrayed your brothers, who heard your call

And bring death's pain upon us all


Perhaps you should have stayed devoted

Perhaps His power, you should have noted

Perhaps you shouldn't have self-promoted

Or your fall wouldn't be denoted


Broken wings, no longer fly

Broken heart, you wish to die

Broken mind, believe your lie

Broken soul, no longer try


To raise your head, yet once again

To advance your state, never to reign

To attack his children, all to gain

Just to hurt Him, show your pain


So hurt the world for your ambition

His destruction now becomes your mission

And so begins a war of attrition

Please now hear my admonition


You cannot win

You will not reign

For even now


Your powers wane

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Old work that has recently resurfaced.