I feel so cold without you

I want to die

These tears won't stop flowing

A moment ago I was in your arms

Now I'm a thousand miles away

Falling in love with you

Wasn't what I had in mind

These tears and rainstorms won't stop

Yet none is a thunderstorm

My world lies in shambles as I board my flight

All this because I miss you so

I got home an hour back

Nothing here feels right

It all feels so foreign to me

I don't want to come back to it all

The stupid rules and hoops

My muscles ache and lungs scream

I can't breathe for sobbing

I don't want anything but you

All of this because I miss you so

I'm acting fine, just want you to see

The tears ran dry last night

My wrists burn when I smile

I can't even think these days

Tear stained, blood stained

A million worlds lie between us

Yet it's like I can feel you

All I wanted was a friend

That's not what I got in the end

Searing tears and blotchy ink

So much, You can feel my heart sink

I want so badly not to be alone

This cold is cutting me to the bone

Your delicate kiss and warm embrace

I would kill to see you face

All of this because I miss you so

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