Teach to write

Looking back

How can I teach you to see

 the blue of the sky in a hummingbird egg

  born to fly as the color does show

or here’s the ocean waves

 in your cupped ear

  calling to you come away

feel the love and baby born

 mother to child

  father to her

the hope in the Dawn

 of the new day

sorrow at dusk

 all not done

can I teach you to hope and feel

 to see with your heart

  think without thought

words will seek you

 Muses will send

teach you to hear

 oh how can I

it may be found

 somewhere inside

you to set free

     you to find


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Looking Back, 2018, from this book;The poem 'Teach to Write' used in the Spring 2018, issue of Poetry Quarterly, 

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zebrablack's picture

I doubt you can teach any of

I doubt you can teach any of those things but can you teach craft?