Braver Man

He lived hard

 Lived fast

But luck was

 Rarely his

He got hurt

 Many times

And with time

 The pain grew

Till one day

 He did do

Some act I

 Could never do

Took a gun

 With one shot

Stopped the pain

 Made it end

That I could

 Never do

He was

 A braver man

Author's Notes/Comments: 

 I believe that God cannot forgave someone who takes their own live.  Therefore to do so is to offend God.  I am not Brave enought to do so.  

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To of my favorite

Two of my favorite writers---Talhaiarn (bardic name of the Welsh poet, John Jones) and the science fiction writer, Walter Miller, Jr.---both blew their brains out to end their lives.  Though each had come upon tragic circumstances, and I can understand---a bit---of the despair (having passed through such a horrible time in 1981), I cannot see the suicide as an act of bravery.  Your very short lines work well here; a longer line might weaken the emotional effect of the poem.  And the poem is haunting (I do not usually consider these issues at 6:25am).  But, with no disrespect intended, I still question the last line.