Why'd you leave me here all alone?


I saw you the day before you left

Remember that we ate some dinner

We layed together for the last time

I fell asleep, then I left, never sooner

I called you the day that you left

It never went to message, if it did you called me right back

So I left the last message that I ever will

I got up, then got groceries, kept right on track

She called me to tell me you went away

I didn't belive her, even to this day

She was quiet at first

then she said the words

"He has left and gone away"

I had about a week to prepare my speach

My proclamation to the world that your love I will always keep

And I didn't have time to practice much

I kinda went on a whim and never uttered a peep

I had to stand infront of everyone that knew you

I had to hold it together and spill my guts

I spoke of how we met and how we loved

And how I saw you just before I went nuts

They looked at me as if you went away

I couldn't belive them, even to this day

They were quiet at first

then they sang the words

"He has left and He's gone away"

Walking to the grass near my home where you'll lay

Sat with your family and we bowed our heads to pray

I finally felt salt water run down my face

I will never forget the sun on that day...

They wanted to lower you down, but I sat by your side

I didn't know your feet from your head

I screamed and sighed that I "Would never survive"

Because I finally remembered that you're dead

Everyone looked at me as if I'd gone away

I couldn't leave them, even to this day

They were scared at first

then they uttered the words

"I'm sorry, He has left and He's gone far away"

I walked away...I looked behind me the whole way

I memorized the spot on the grass where you lay

Near my home I would come see you another day

When everyone was gone and they were far away...

Then I can come alone and tell you how much I really loved you.

I really loved you. Why'd you leave me here all alone?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

6/28/83-4/12/06 Jonathan Thomas Spirko died of a fentanol laced herion overdose on a Friday night. I'd say 75% of all thats on my site is written for Him. I lost the love of my life...forever. It sux.

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