Cereal Whimsy

As I lackadaisically gaze inside this glowing window,

I want nothing else then to be sailing thru milky waves...

Accompanied by the Captain of Crunch.

Please excuse my poetic discharge,

Lest my surreal cereal dreams find you in good taste.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Actually I'm not to fond of the Cap.  Cinnamon Life or Honey bunch of oats.  Either way these words seeped out in the early morning after waking.

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deepinyourdreams's picture

I was going to leave you a

I was going to leave you a Corn flake for that Rooster crow...

Instead, I think, one Sugar Smack will do for feeling that froggy!


schmuckjones's picture

Ahhhhh! LOL

Nice, DeepDreams!  That was funny!  Thanks for the funny comment!  After I get done working today, I'll pour over some of your pics and poems later.