My World


The hole keeps hurting inside my chest

it tugs and twists unrelenting.

Shadows cloud my sense

and darkness cover my eyes

Depression overwhelms my body

taking it on a ride of hell.

Feeling alone

No one, no where to go




so deep in this hole

It hurts, stings!

My world is closing in around me

with no light shining on my face

I wonder how to get out of this

to break free

to live again

to be happy.

Sadness becomes common sense

with depression its cause.

My world seems wrong

my life seems like a joke

I hope God isn't laughing at me

the devil has done that enough.



Aug. 5/10

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Crisscrossed's picture

God is not laughing at you, i

God is not laughing at you, i promise you. in dark times i found my guidance in writing, i hope you can too. this is a very dark, descriptive poem. you are a great writer. fantastic poem!