This life we share is unique in so many ways

Every person is different yet so much alike

Whether it be the blood that runs through out veins

or the love we share inside our hearts.

We are similar in so many ways.

In this beautiful morning, I sit with the friece reats

of the sun beating upon my face

with my feline purring loudly in my ear

with happiness of love to have someone near.

As I go through each day without knowing what lay ahead

I am troubled.

I fear the knowledge I possess

As if it were to take over.

In so many ways I wonder why I am

here, in this moment at this time

I am curious why I wasn't in that

moment, at that time.

Was the world not ready or wasn't I?

I know now how different people are and were

My life if different at all from others in

this vast dimension of time and space

My mark is hopefully identified.

I wonder why people act so, feel so....

Aren't we all one in this universoe of




Jun. 12/10

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