Satish Verma

The great lines, you quote, don't 
stir me... you know my vexation, 
with the twinkling lights, that don't move. 
The colors, don't mix... I move 
from death to death, to understand 
life, and fail miserably. The body 
does not open. Seducers 
ready to jump for a bite, to tear 
off my columns, my domes. 

Yes, I give, give away my precious 
heart, time, my infallible attention 
to heal you.I don't demand any 
dough, remaining in penury, do not 
ask for the factors. My arithmetic 
has failed. Cannot solve the puzzles 
lost in maze of juggleries. 

It was your world. I am living 
at a binary planet, scarcely habitable. 
Yet I am happy in myself 
looking at the grains of sand on my 
hands. You know, you cannot 
write like me... like me.