Another Blossom

Satish Verma

The eye within the eye 
of a soul is tranquil 
but the storm is raging. 
Around the body, the cluster of names. 
Father and mother, 
brothers and sisters, 
I am refugee in my home. 
I steal glances over the western sky, 
a blue star beckons. 

Ambition was a small 
city in twinkling night 
a pilgrimage of amazing nothingness. 
My heartaches for the missed 
happenings. The decay was inevitable. 
The flight of swans continued. 
The memories of flowers 
had a funeral for me. 

Death was ready to strike 
eyeball to eyeball, I refuse to gratify 
One long vigil was still 
incomplete, ash & flame 
will break the distance. 
Today a song will rise 
from the ruins. 
I will wait for another blossom, 
another voyage to dreams.