Full Stop

Satish Verma

I allowed you to tread on me unflinchingly. 
My mind on pause, 
ungrieved you turn back the clock. 
Enough to stun the century, 
I take cognisance of divine’s club foot. 

I did not believe in self-pity 
but I was racing against time 
to avoid a jealous path running with me. 
Yet I was sleeping on bushes of estranged thorns 
without locking my golden age. 

Tulips are no more my favourites. 
You have to dig deep to plant the bulbs 
and wait. When death opens the door for me, 
I wanted to be free from any commitment 
and ready to walk in, like a foot soldier. 

This cosmos is mine, body is for you. 
It no more obeys my command. 
No more commas are needed, 
a final full stop will do. 
I am returning back to my home.