Erected In My Pain

Satish Verma

Life gives you a sudden shock, 
with ugly scars of mutilated truth. 
Arriving becomes a failure, 
a tilted faith. 
Your eyes were blank but 
you were seeing through 
your hundred wounds, 
spinning in the import. 

Continuity of lies starts again. 
From post to post 
a sting was preoccupied, 
fed on odium. 
I had an indestructible desire 
to set the throat free 
from the obtrusive rust. 
Love was not enough 
a little bit burning on tongue was needed. 

Polity has ruined 
the green valleys 
quietness cries in vain. 
Fear in the mirror strikes. 
I begin to run towards the sun 
erected in my pain. 
Times alter the image. 
The cosmic bend is trapped.