A Love And Hate Story

Satish Verma

I was learning, how 
not to catch you. 

Called the cloud 
hugging a hillside. 
Can you climb on the road? 
No, it said, I want to play with the moon. 

this was becoming, 
without presence. 
An epiphany? No it was a crying 
theme, discovery of the self. 

When the tremors came, 
you were flung like a doll, 
opening the earth 
one breath long. 

Swallows were eyeing the sky. 

The hollow tree 
traps the light and sends out 
the blue pupils of yellow eyes. 

I am still counting the limbs 
under the boulders. 
The landmass was moving asking names. 

The big vulture was watching 
the end of the feast, 
for schizophrenics. 

A bomb hidden in turban will 
kill a saint. You say I should 
call for the girls. 

Why don't you wear the skullcap 
to cover the beautiful mind 
which will not kiss the fire?

Incompl's picture

Beautiful mind, indeed.

Every line left me holding my breath for the next, lovely. 

Let your teeth show