Those Misty Braes

Eclectic ETC.

Where green- moss coated ruins stand
against the cold wind chills
Wild bracken sweeps the stark moorland
'neath purple heathered hills.

Loch Ness where-in a monster dwells
she swims in waters deep
In shady woodlands wild bluebells
Green pastures with white coated sheep.

Pale shadows haunt the misty braes
where clansmen gathered bravely
Their swords at ready for the fraes
as outlawed pipes mourned gravely.

Grey castles scattered through this land
with ramparts strong and tall
The sentries stood in full command
so none might breach the wall.

It's here a crow awaits your soul
and mystic tales of fairies told
Where brave hearts died for freedoms goal
in legends when we once were bold.

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Stephen's picture

A Scottish tale?


Sassylass's picture

Hello Stephen

Yes, Scottish

Thank you.

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....