I saw you today,
as you thoughtfully gazed over the balcony 
to the tidy rows in the garden below,
all the varieties of flowers and herbs
fenced high with rose vines.
Just beautiful...
but thorns prick memories
and you drew blood.

Our old house through the pines 
held quiet solitude for us and ole' Bleu
where once in warm harmony and love there had lived two

It was a place to laugh, love and write songs.
Now it's become a waiting place 
of all night sipping vigils;
the street is now filled with ghosts,
and I must also drink of this cup.
It's a bitter thing to live as a refugee.

I am the redolent breeze from the forest, the roses in the garden...
I just can't deal with this side of life.
I want to come home.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

How does it feel to be on your own 

Like a rolling stone....


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word_man's picture

sometimes going home is to

sometimes going home is to hard to bare,the nemories over run our thoughts

ghosts of times past come back to haunt us



hope you are well

ron parrish

Sassylass's picture

Hi Ron

I'm okay..going to ER...stuff...

Thanks for your visit.

Poems all muse...not me.


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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you`re welcome,,take care of

you`re welcome,,take care of your self

i went to dr last week,got bloodwork,9 viles

set me up for a colonostimy ,hope nothing comes out bad

prostate swollen up pretty good

ron parrish

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I'm blessed to have found you

I'm blessed to have found you and your work, Sass.  I've really enjoyed reading your work thus far.  My favourite folder is the "spiritual" folder.  "Guardian" is my favorite in there.  You are most certainly a "garden soul."  Thank you for sharing. 


I want to learn how to add pictures to my work as well.  The pic for this poem is perfect.  Well done!


peace peace

Sassylass's picture


Hi, thank you. I don't know how one adds a picture here.

I copied the pic and poem from another site a.d it just went in...

I'm glad my spiritual writes speak.

One will be used in music by the Boston Conservatory of Music  in a song form on oct.24th 2018... 

Another poem was published in 4 different books and on the radio.

I'm humbled and stunned! PTL

I'm happy you enjoyed my scribbles.


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....