I trembled
with the pulsing of the bass drum,
screaming of cymbals,
gallop of toms
creeping between the crack of every dream
and the dark of every nightmare.

Animalistic ties swallowed me whole
until the drums stopped
and show was over
then I sank
in an amorphous recollection
of mahogany fingertips that touched
just as the blurry edges of sleep
climbed behind tired eyes,
haunting the mind in mirrored images
scintillation of living started fading
and all turned monochromatic
with just a hint of sandalwood incense left.

Hallow beats of an exhausted heart
manifested into a crippling vision of night 
blanketed by distress
until the rising light did nothing
but awaken the paranoid jitters
that were left on the nightstand
like a book with one chapter
with no where left to turn.
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loved it,kinda sad though

loved it,kinda sad though

ron parrish

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Thank you

Ron! Yes, sad

Much appreciated comment.

I'm glad to see you!


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....