Seasonal Poetry

sultry summer breeze
amber hills thirsting for dew
ramblin’ red roses

prickly seed thistles 
slow swirl in summer breeze 
daring sky divers

softly through the eaves,
rays of sunshine peek through shade
contented ferns nap

petrichor fountain 
summer sun glistens in spray 
liquid concerto

plants adorned with jewels
unexpected rain showers
flowers celebrate

parched earth cries for rain
cumulous clouds flying by
carelessly hurry

midsummer magic
camp fire stories are told
lightning bugs sparking

countless falling stars
night time picnic for lovers
fantastic light show

flirting crescent moon 
proposing to his Venus
wisteria sky

Author's Notes/Comments: 

575 haiku series 


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Perhaps its that some haikus are written with passion

for nature :) thanks, luv

And a series...I like to do a series.

PS this one got published recently.

Happy summer, Stephen

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....