Urban Tales

green fields interlocked 

filled with a forest of buildings 
mountains pulverized
villages crowded 
tensed  and carbonized 
forests depleted
dry lands  in  nuclear explosions
oceans plasticized 
plants exfoliated
animals ulcerating 
tumorous and cancerous 
decaying and dying
for some money rescues 
with organ transplantation 
lifeless existence
mountains of files to move 
prior to disappearing into a black hole
to re-emerge  billions of years later.

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Well, that encapsulates our

Well, that encapsulates our human history fairly well.  Wow!  That is a whole episode of Twilight Zone in a very compressed space (and, like the great poet, J V Cunningham, I believe compression in English poetry is a mark of classical talent).  Much as I would like to keep reading your poems right now, I must get ready for morning Church, but I will be visiting again this afternoon.


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So appreciate your time to read it and comment 

I'm stunned at your kindness in remarks

Thanks much!

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....