The Storm

We walked under an ominous sky,

We were headed on down the road.

A strong storm would soon be nigh,

The dark clouds would soon unload.


There wouldn’t be any place to hide,

We would just have to press our luck.

As we watched the dark clouds collide,

Very soon the storm would run amuck.


Strong winds were beginning to blow,

A few raindrops started coming down.

In the clouds lightning had begun show,

That’s when thunder shook the ground


Our house was starting to get close,

As the thunderstorm finally struck. 

Although hail actually hurt the most,

The ground was turned into muck.


A bolt of Lightning struck a tree nearby,

Then the winds snapped it like a twig,

Now, it was streaking all across the sky,

The violent storm had grown quite big.


We ran straight in the front door,

Looked back through the window.

As turbulent rains began to pour,

And the storm reached a crescendo.


The strong storm lasted quite a while,

Suddenly, the hard rain began to slow.

Then we both looked up and smiled,

At the sight of a perfect rainbow.



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Sky's picture

Watching storms from the

Watching storms from the comfort and safety

of home is always so humbling and awesome.

Enjoyed the write and the rhyme. 

We'll just keep writing 'til there's nothing left to write.

We'll just keep waiting 'til they read all our works left to right.