The Battle Within

So deep inside the frustration it grows,
no one cares and surely nobody knows,
so very harmful, the damage it does,
who knows the answer or even the cause?

Eyes blinded with fury so full of hate,
something bad stirring and wicked can’t wait 
knowing to stop, but not ready this time,
a mountain of hurt so ready to climb.

Frustration rises, so ready to boil,
a wire so tight, it will now uncoil.
and so many lives are highly at stake,
it soon must be stopped whatever it takes.

A razor sharp line and it must be crossed,
the devastation great, so huge it's cost
this seed of destruction quickly grabs hold,
the battle within a demon so bold.

This hidden monster must truly be killed,
the selfish ambitious evil is willed.
wall made of stone, temper starts to increase,
this battle within, will it never cease?

Just one ray of light, it quickly must go
through daily prayer and hope starts to show
faith expectations suddenly takes hold
helps to release these frustrations so cold.

The stone wall crumbles as last screams cry out,
faith reaches in and no longer in doubt 
with anger and fear gone, Grace has begun,
battle within lost, love finally won!
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SSmoothie's picture

Oh I adore this write!

Oh I adore this write! Beautiful! Fantastic work! Hugss 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

Sassylass's picture

Thank you

So very kindly. I appreciate your time to read it and comment!

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....