Through to Wonderland



Through the keyhole, I saw
a fantastic new world waiting beyond,
it’s a magical place of awe
but without a key how do I move on?

I swear I saw that rabbit wink,
then it smiled and hopped away,
at the sight of it, I had to think,
but the door was still in my way.

I knew that I was dreaming,
this place was just too grand,
slowly, I was into scheming,
I hope it works out as planned.


So, I pretended I was a pirate,
and the ocean filled the room,
the door became a gate,
my cannons all went boom!

The ocean simply vanished,
now, nothing blocked my way,
I was no longer banished
turning my night to day

Further along, the rabbit sat
then he told me about his day,
he said he'd escaped from a hat
for a magical rabbit has a lot to say.

The day was bright and very merry,
because I’d never felt so alive,
it was all quite extraordinary,
with my imagination in overdrive.

This sure fulfills all my adventures,
I return here every single night,
into these fantasy worlds, I will venture,
to magical places with wondrous sights.

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Koko, I just really enjoyed entering this realm. I see the images so clearly. Wish I was the type of artist to reproduce it. But that's just not how I paint. 

Copyright © morningglory

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Glad you visited. Hugs. Thanks for the kind  review.

Wishing you well!

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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a new twist on a very special

a new twist on a very special tale,you brought it back to life with color

ron parrish

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Just for fun! Hope you are Well:)


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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you`re welcome,still kinda

you`re welcome,still kinda sick but getting better

ron parrish