Falling is the easy part.
It’s beyond your control really.
Like a mat being pulled from under you.
or tripping over something as obscure as a centimetre rise on the pavement.

And as you fall, you can’t deny the excitement and exhilaration as your heart quickens.
adrenalin courses through your system in a feeble attempt to heighten your reflexes and realign your senses...
just so you could perhaps stop yourself from getting hurt.

But you also know that you can’t fight the laws of physics and the fact that you’re not a cat.
so you're helpless but to submit fully to that moment of defeat.
Now you’ve slammed into the ground.
Tasted dirt...
and rubbed faces, knees and elbows with the harshness of the earth.
and if you do get up,
would you be ever so careless again?

 I’d watch where I was going if I were you.

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every day,watch close,gun shy

every day,watch close,gun shy even

ron parrish

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Hi Ron!!

I so agree....very careful to guard my heart.

This was just a poem.


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....