Through opaque curtains of hazy mists 
In twilight hours of purple sunset 
Atop rocks jutting from ocean depths 
Quietly sitting, a solitary silhouette 

Azure blue waves caress her ocean throne 
Moon beams dance upon her silken hair 
Starlight sparkles deep within her eyes 
Revealing all mysteries that are hidden there 

From the inner depths of her enchanted soul 
Flows yearn filled notes in melodious song 
The measures are seasoned with bittersweet rhyme 
As short notes are played out mournfully long 

Calling upon mystical powers that be 
Entreat her this rare whimsical glance 
Into a fantasy, wonder filled world 
Where all heavenly stars sparkle and dance 

Beyond the realm of mere mortal men 
Now beckoning magical silver silhouette 
Around her neck ever gleaming so bright 
A beguiling necklace, a sapphire amulet 

In the wonders of the stillness of night 
Golden full moon begins to descend 
Another restless night of waking dreams 
For now her visit must come to an end 

Before the golden glow dawning of morning sun 
She leaves the mossy perch of her throne upon high 
Breaking through the ocean’s bubbling surface 
Within the withdrawing silvery tide 

In bursting, dramatic, rapid, succession 
She jumps in the air and then gracefully dives 
Springing forth from the cold, clear blue waters 
Reaching up to embrace the pink morning sky 

As the sun begins to crest the horizon 
And mystical bells begin ringing their chime 
She gives her green tail a great surging thrust 
And jumps into deep fathoms for the last time 

Contentedly resigned to a life of solitude 
Until mystical moon beckons to her once more 
Mermaid enchantress swims spiraling downward 
To Neptune’s mystical kingdom upon ocean floor

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I tried to picture the words

I tried to picture the words & I saw the mermaid. Great write