Rhapsody at Daybreak


Listen to the morning sounds of a brushed pink sunrise
breeze murmuring softly in burnished fair skies.
What sizzle sounds are made by sun-rays reflecting off a dune
as the breeze sweetly hums a familiar little tune?

Oceanic waves sing as they crash to the shore.
Liquid choirs sing a lullaby, are you who it's for?
Resounding windchimes as the sky is painted blue
this orchestra of daybreak with promise to renew.

What lies ahead, as sun-rays stretch across the sky?
gold and silver breath, that echoes like a sigh
Will the sea sing, if there is no one to hear?
Ah, the rhapsody of daybreak's waking, as I listen here.

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Beautifully written.

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are kind to take the  time to read it and comment...thanks  so very much. 

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....