September 11th 2001

In silent tears we weep today, for those who were taken away

We bow our heads to hide the grief, and shake them in disbelief

A tragedy has hit our nation, and our enemies sing in jubilation

So many lives were lost today, no more shall they laugh and play

Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, all gone from us this day

A disaster hit our nation today, our enemies sneer and watch us sway


The buildings fall in crumbled rubble, bringing with it so much trouble

The ashes fall across a great city, the world looks and weeps with pity

Men and women across this nation, all come with their determination

One and all together they be, working hard to set the trapped ones free

Sorrowing hearts and a trembling hand, they come and take their stand

They rise above the shattered scene, they will rebuild the American dream


In God we trust is written on their heart, only in He doth their fear depart

For no enemy can destroy the spirit, of this great nation filled with merit

No life will have been lost in vain, for we shall see them all once again

Rise up oh people of this nation, let us be the ones to shout a jubilation

No enemy of ours shall triumph and win, not even in the midst of this din

In God we trust, as we must, for He alone can bring a retribution that is just


So take courage and be strong, this tragedy shall not keep our nation down long

With pride and prayer we shall go on from here, our enemies shall flee in fear

From the ashes and the debris we shall proudly arise like the great phoenix

Our flag will fly high as it blows in the sky, we shall look and breath a great sigh

For in our country we will take pride, we shall have no reason to run and hide

Oh say can you see, what I can see, one nation, one people, united in this tragedy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I like you all weep for those lost on this day

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chris's picture

What a passionate poem and inspirational as well.
I think 9/11 pulled us together as a country.
Too bad we needed a tragedy for that.
It was an inspiring thing to write on.