You will be given only one chance,
Said god before you are sent into a state of everlasting trance.

Just one chance to state your biggest regret,
That you always repent and can never forget.

Just one chance that you may change your past,
But just one and this will be your last...

God there was a woman whom I met long back,
When I was misled and was treading the wrong track.

God I never asked who she was,
She would be sad sometimes but I never asked the cause.

Behind her smile she hid a thousand pains,
Her life was mountainous with no sight of plains.

I never was there when times were bad,
I could have made some difference with whatever little I had.

By the time I realized of her beautiful soul,
She was all broken and sadness had taken its toll.

God I have always repented this thought,
I never helped her for the miseries I brought.

Please spare her from all the sorrow,
Give her a new life so that she would smile ever morrow.

If I must die let me die with all the tears from her eye,
So that even in worst times she will never cry.

Give all my life's happiness to her and let her laugh,
Let all her enemies have their bodies split into half.

This is all that I ask for and plead,
Her happiness is all that I need.

May her life's path be adorned with trees lush and green,
For she is most wonderful girl I know and my heart's 'QUEEN'...

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nes's picture

Beautiful! It sounds like you

Beautiful! It sounds like you speak from experience, 

You feelings are very transparent in that poem, there's elegance in your style,

I like the beginning and the end.

Sartaj's picture

Thank you

Thank you for your valuable comments. They really mean a lot to me. Yes it is inspired from experience and everything is well now. Thank you once again.