I love you, but...

When I'm with you

everything around me disappears

you make me feel like there's no where else I want to be

no where else but here


But when we're apart

everything becomes clear

we are more dysfunctional, than functional

and this is why, to each other, we can no longer be near


When we get along

it's great

we laugh

we kiss

we cuddle

and you know the rest

you make me forget the world and all it's pests

you certainly know how to take away all my stress


But when we fight

it's bad

we hit

we punch

we yell

and we scream

it becomes no use

it gets worse and worse with every bruise


There is one thing you must know


but I have to let you go


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love you but not enough to keep going around in circles.

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susiemayee's picture

i feel  your pain and love

i feel  your pain and love all at once 

Just Smile :D