We Tiptoe

Unpublished pieces

we tiptoe,
stepping through
stories of lives past
watched by a cascading
hologram of
mists and possibilities.

the first step
we enter leads
us like leaves dipping
in the rain to
white fences and
stop signs, red lights
and caution.

waking up or
falling asleep, we never
notice the patterns
to our weaving webs.

we imagine and we
pontificate, making
noises of promises
we will not keep.

slipping footfalls
that walk in
circles, and when
through, begin again.

we tiptoe,
expecting to not
be notable, and so
in doing same,
we leave
do not

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vjochum's picture

We Tiptoe

We leave yet not arrive. That says it All my friend. I liked this alot.