Mommy And Daddy's Garden

Unpublished pieces

The flowers were planted by his wife and himself,
So many years ago when the children were infants.
They took such care to prune and to weed;
Quite often even when there was little need.
But the two spent hours in flowers of escape.
In silence they toiled; in wonder they created
A garden of immeasurable delight and relief.

The children of the house grew with the flowers.
Carefully blossomed by tender, loving parents.
From infancy to toddlers, toddlers to school.
Faithfully fashioned in parental golden rules.
They argued and they played, hated and loved.
Passionate voices raised in passionate manner.
Intelligent minds moulded with gentle guidance.

As they grew, Mommy and Daddy weeded,
Both the gardens and the children they loved.
No stone was unturned, no voice unheard.
Not a home of deceit, not an unkind word.
They took delight in their growing children.
They took solace in their bursting garden,
With both they complimented their lives.

The gardens emerged each and every year.
The children grew into adults and moved.
Their lives they began in courage and fear,
Aware of their past with love so clear.
The mother and father held admiration
For the adults they gave to the world.
Such a sense of accomplishment and pride.

The gardens continued with loving care,
In the hopes that a child might visit awhile.
As they do, the years angrily rushed on.
Till both Mommy and daddy had gone.
The adult children returned to the home.
They cried in the gardens of memories.
Then as a group, they cut down the flowers.

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This a beautiful but sad poem. they cried in th gardens of memories then as a group, they cut down the flowers. lovely.
I haven't read you in quite awhile, so I though I will go to pp and see if I can fine his poems. and here you are. nice work.