How Difficult Is This To Understand?

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Fags tell us,
that it is a good thing
for men to fuck other men.
Do not dare to disagree, for close-minded
advocates will
swipe their
politically correct
across the skins
of your minds.
Mind-boggled at freak parades on
city streets.
Abnormal no-minds pretending that
their immorality is just
an alternative lifestyle.
Screaming and shouting queers demanding
that I must join the illusion
that a man sucking another mans cock
is perfectly normal.
Oh, how they love to champion their sin and
thrust it in our faces.
Lobby for laws that turns the world upside down,
and makes it illegal
for normal people
to complain.
And if that wasn't bad enough, now they demand that
we all close our eyes
and imagine a planet
that imagines men can
"marry" other men.
"To each their own", many say, "to each their own."
Can't help but wonder, though, at a globe
turned upside down
where what is right is labelled as wrong.
Where sticking dicks up asses is supposed to seem a good thing.
Blinking their collective eyes in tones
of collective scorn
at the silent many
who dares to disagree.
Creating negative names that these homosexual morons
fling like mud
against the walls
of how God intended
the world to be.
Man is to be with woman, how difficult is this to understand?
No amount of rainbow coloured flags
can blind away the truth.
No amount of prancing nancy boys
can hide the Biblical
against a man
fucking another man.
Disagree in combined voice!
Take back our vision
and send the queers back to
their closets.
Do not be afraid to show disgust at
disgusting behaviour.
For in the scheme of things,
evil thought always loses,
no matter how many
get deceived
into the
wrong is
actually right.

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Vixen's picture

Thank you

... for being brave and coming up with a well written poetry on such a sensitive topic. I postponed writing my views on purpose to see how many would take a public stand against a noisy minority. It appears we are the minority here, considering that this poem got over a hundred of reads but whether they agreed or disagreed, felt it better to shut up. Much as it was suggested to stop referring to the Bible, have we no right our creed? I don't want to be a Pontius Pilate who took a gray shade. And... I am sure that everyone here is aware of the word "sodomy" or anal sex . The term was coined from "Sodom". Again, a Bible story which we want to ignore because we don't believe in the bible. But in case you are wondering what the story is all about, Sodom and Gomorrah cities were destroyed because of man to man sex.  Admah, Zeboiim, and Zoar are still another cities destroyed in the name of sodomy. 

Even if we leave the bible out of it and knock on our practical swelling human wisdom and opinions, has it not occurred to us that if our world started with a man to man relationship, what would have happened to the human race? Have we multiplied? Even in the animal kingdom,-- have you seen a male dog fencing dicks with a male dog, etc.? It appears that the animals have more brains than humans when it becomes to dicks because they know that a penis is for a vagina, and a vagina is for a penis.

Indeed, this is a very sensitive topic and I am not being judgmental. My opinion is just as good as yours. I have friends who are gays and I don't have anything against them personally. It's just me given a chance to voice out what I think.There are things like a positive and a negative feedback. We are all entitled to one...



“ Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."
                                                   ~ Rumi

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Is it a coincidence that this

Is it a coincidence that this was posted at the same time New York legalized gay marriage? lol

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Certainly is. This may shock

Certainly is. This may shock you, but the world does not revolve around the USA:-)

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Ummm... well..... okay see, I believe that who are we to say anythin to gays. What they do behind closed doors is between themselves, and I believe that people need to stop looking towards the Bible for answers on this subject because its a book