Doors and Windows

Unpublished pieces

I shut the doors and open the windows.
I can see outside, but outside does not
feel me.
If I stand just still in the middle of the room,
I can create the tripping switch I need
to pull to begin
the reacting.
Sometimes I hear the grumbling shadows
demanding and pulsating
within the remote
control of being.
Inside the buttons are caressed
and the
menu of existing becomes opaque.
I open the doors and shut the windows.
I can not see outside, but inside does
not know.
Are slipping morals really the worst
to expect?
Or do we not know how to breathe
with one another?
Sometimes I identify more with bubbles
of tenseness
then I do with dishwater of despair.
Outside the plants and trees might
very well be growing,
but not the people. No, we the people are
covered faces
we care.
In truth, the circles never stop turning.
Doors, even if open, always shut.
Windows, even if clean, always dim.
I am a door without the pleasure
of a window to see through.

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BrightEyes89's picture

your a good poet but this is

your a good poet but this is mediocre. you have a point but you're dancing around it......poetically

thats only my opinion but i felt i better but it in considering there are no other comments on this particular poem

best regards Brandon