Dress Code

Unpublished pieces

They told me there's a dress code
for the honour of working here.
They told me that my heart and soul
now belong to the big company.
"Because you get a pay-cheque
we control every aspect of
your dreaming"
is the message they chanted at me.

Come now!

Have they lost their collective minds?
I stand a man, fully grown.
This I can tell from the hair
on my balls.
I'll do my best to try to understand
your odd ideas.
Seemingly you believe that
in working for you
I've chopped
out my mind.
Tell me how to talk and how to dress,
how to wear my underwear.
The very nerve of such a thought
boggles my brain!
I'm surprised that your corporate rock
does not
that dreams are mine and so is my body.
I control my thought.
I decide my name.
No bulging logo on a company sign
makes me
fall down
and pray.

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Lol! I wish I could post this

Lol! I wish I could post this at the hospital where I worked. Sometimes, they own your thoughts, your dreams, and the way you dress because your thoughts contrived why they hired you, your dreamed to have that kind of job ( unless you didn't ), and they give you a yearly uniform allowance. Nicely written!


“ Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."
                                                   ~ Rumi

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you have convinced me.

you have convinced me. excellent write.