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So you want a divorce.
The lemon trees will still bloom.
The fruit is sour, like us.
The air will still be contaminated
with the pollutants
our kind pump into it.
Whistles of authority will
still blow
like cascading rocks
down a brick wall mountain.
So our separation means
no reconciliation.
The apple trees will produce
the same sweet nectar they
always have.
The workers will pick each fruit
and throw it
into a basket.
Eventually the apples will sit
in school lunches, uneaten.
They will spoil.
Just like we have been spoiled.
Eaten away by the disease
of self satisfaction.
I'll take my axe
every damned tree down.
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Nice write...And yes we are

Nice write...And yes we are all spoiled.
everyone wants everything. Noone
wants to wait for anything...Greedy.