I Dreamed of America

Unpublished pieces

I dreamed of America. 

It was a nightmare. 
Guns and guns, and everywhere guns. 

Voices shouting in fortress cities. 
Civilians hiding behind their iron bars. 

I dreamed of America. 

I saw the cancer it had become. 

Spreading its influence 
like cockroaches 
burrowing in the walls. 

Flinging its immoralities 
like snakes 
fleeing the knife. 

I dreamed of America. 

Of their armies invading one 
Innocent country after another. 

Of their deceptions designed 
to enhance their 

I dreamed of America. 

I felt their terrorist actions 
in my mind. 

And in dreaming of the evil empire, 
I found I was glad I 
was not an American. 

I watched the news 
on American corruption, 
thanked God I was

not living in that

morally depraved

Where are the heroes that will 

once again attack the evil empire 
that America is? 

Erecting another step 
on the stairway to 
freedom from 
American imperialism. 

I dreamed of America. 
In my dream, 
I saw it fading 

Watch me as I dance 
on the grave of 
the stars and stripes.

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heatherburns35's picture

I pray your dream never comes

I pray your dream never comes true....

Morningglory's picture

I have this dream...

Only I live inside the belly of the beast. You might remember my poem A New Trend from when I was signed up under a different name.

Always enjoy reading you...


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