Odd Running Into Her Again

Unpublished pieces

Odd running into her again.
We were lovers once.
I knew every millimetre of her body.
Then I knew nothing about her.
We had moved on, you see.
So we talked of our kids.
We shared stories about old companions.
We laughed at memories
avoided our today.
We promised that this time
we'd keep in touch.
Send an odd email or even
an old fashioned letter.
You know the kind. Written
in pen on paper.
Sealed in an envelope,
addressed and stamped.
Sounds like an 
old fashioned movie,
doesn't it!
That was a year ago,
when I ran into her
at a downtown theatre.
Still waiting for that email.
Or a letter. Or even a postcard
letting me know how she was.
Of course, she's still waiting
for my email, or my letter. Or
even a postcard letting her
know how I am.
Who knows. Maybe I'll run
into her again?

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If it is meant for the two of

If it is meant for the two of you to meet again, it will happen...If not, it won't...
who knows what tomorrow holds for us...?