Shut Our Eyes and Tomorrow Will Change

Unpublished pieces


I spent the whole
day yesterday
drifting toward despair.
Caressing mental images
of everything that had
gone wrong in one year's time.
I knew you would find me. 
I could not hide
within my misery forever.
Insisting I come out with you.
We could drink coffee
and talk.
And talk.
And talk.
Don't you ever grow tired
of my words of moaning?
I picture us in an old age centre.
Two boggled heads
bobbing at each other
as some stupid young twit
changes our diapers.
Will I still be groaning 
in my collection of problems
I wonder?
Will I still be telling
you the future might not
be the shapeless blob
I imagine it to be?
Have I thanked you yet
for being who you are?
There are too many questions
wanting answers.
Too many decisions
that need to be made.
Let's shut our eyes.
Shut our eyes.
Shut our eyes.
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I love how your writing is

I love how your writing is to-the-point, blunt, and straightforward. This is difficult to achieve; encapsulating such emotions and situations, that are undoubtedly complex, and presenting them in such a beautifully simple way - not losing the inspirations meaning in unnecessary descriptives. Love it!