Shadow Man

Unpublished pieces

Spaces have been erected around the box. 
Inside stands the shadow man. 
Crucifix dangling from his neck. 
Rosary beads furiously being pumped in his hand. 
Pray, shadow man, pray. 

So he does. 

He prays for the world. 
He prays for the universe. 
Mostly he prays for himself. 

There is a world of difference 
between living and pretending; 
between being and existing. 
Shadow man is unsure of which 
position he stands within. 
Pray, shadow man, pray. 

A bullet is faster than strangulation.
Choking kills the body but not the mind. 
Around and around the dozen or so devils 
are circling the box. 
"Come out and play" they whisper 
to the shadow man. 

But he ignores the evil outside for 
it has already become his inside. 
It has become a normal pattern 
of his situation. 
Pray, shadow man, pray. 

He will never leave his box. 
The luminous walls are his zone of safety. 
Where are the answers? 
Where are the solutions? 

They exist. 
They survive for other shadows. 

Not for shadow man himself. 
Pray, shadow man, pray.

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kerry's picture

Like this one very much. I

Like this one very much. I know some shadow men too.