A Short Distance And It's Over

Unpublished pieces


Beautiful woman,
if only I could caress
with careful fingers
the mellow colours
of your skin.

Wrestle with your demons
and protect you always
from your self.

But I am only a man.
I am not God.
I see with different eyes
but have no power
over contradictions.

I've held electric emotions
in my trembling hands.
I've screamed like a
bejewelled terrorist
at every enemy you've had.
But still I was unable to stop
the menstrual flow of
insistent headaches that
has begun to reflect you.

I've strangled life
and enjoyed it,
moaned in anger
and surrendered
to your demands.

Try as I may,
I can not see
the bend of promise in your words.
Nor can I explain the
longing in myself

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Une grande poésie

Une grande poésie

Vive le Quebec libre!