There Was A Time

Unpublished pieces

There was a time, I remember it,
when playing outside
meant happiness
 and friends dashed about
in endless streams of
 voices that I gathered
 with each
 and every day of
 my boyhood.
There was a place, I see it,
 where magic happened
 and tonsils were removed
 as a matter of fact.
 Little boys running,
lost in the never-ending
There was education, I still feel it,
 shoved down the
 throats of children
who have been
conditioned to
 forget the mystery
 of life and adventures.
 the shackles of conformity
 are insisted upon.
 There is a time, I live it,
 when I wonder what became
 of the boy that ran
 happily into mud, building forts
 and playing games.
 There is a world
 that is afraid of children,
for in their eyes stands
 the hypocrisy of our

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kerry's picture


a beautiful poem, and we must never forget the mystery

heatherburns35's picture

there was a time

Well that little boy grew into a man,  A man that writes beautiful poetry....  heather

jimtwocrows's picture

You state something very real

You state something very real to me, Chris.  I feel this poem deeply.