Merging Thought Into Words

Unpublished pieces

I am just a man
working an unused imagination
into a trampled frenzy.

While you, a fellow sufferer,
on your own road
have chosen to drop in.

We'll visit relics and museums.
Places where we played together
when we were boys.

Some people say
that men never grow up.
Well O.K., we'll
remain boys and play
the same games again.

May God guide us
in glorious transition
as we merge our
independent words
into one coherant sentence.

Stormy weather
that will soon pass
and be as if
it had never started at all.

Let's pull our
pants down
pee our names

into the muddy snow.

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heatherburns35's picture

Merging Thoughts Into Words

This one I liked alot...Especially the last stanza...I had to smile.nice work.....heather