Let the Distant Light Always Shine.

Unpublished pieces

Distant light flickers an invitation of hope.
 In reaching it, there will be sanctification.
  Dimness that surrounds the eyes
   will be forgotten.
   Black holes that open the heart
   will be discarded.

Let the distant light come closer.
Let the distant light be a friend.
Shallow water cannot drown soul.
It can only hinder the passage.
  Dampening the spirit as it frolics
  like a moonbeam across the mind.
  Distance lends unhappiness.

Let the distant light shine bright.
Let the distant light be a guide.
In closets of blackness the hands
  seek an opening in the shadows.
  They find nothing, but the eyes
  focus on a distant light that
  calls like a radio in the night.

  Let the distant light embrace.
  Let the distant light be closer.
In an emptiness of broken glass
  there is a pattern to salvation.
  Frame the light like fire in the glance,
  walk towards it. Find escape.

Let the distant light be strong.
Let the distant light shine forever.
What is the distant light that shines?
What is its meaning in a journey?
  This is an answer not easily explained.
  This is a hope not readily known.

Let the distant light continue.
 Let the distant light always shine.

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your poetry is always

your poetry is always wonderful, I have been amazed by your writing.

Vive le Quebec libre!